May 15, 2015

miss v

I was always fascinated when I was younger while shopping with my grandmother (now a healthy 102!) that she could buy a blouse or jacket without even trying it on.  Having made all of her own clothes until she was late into her 70's, she would simply pull her measuring tape out of her purse, measure from shoulder to shoulder and if the garment measured an exact 15 1/2 inches, done deal.  She also told me that with my frame, similar to hers, I should always be shopping in the petites section.  She would school me in my teen years, during my grunge phase, the first time around, that my frame was far to small to be wearing the over sized flannel menswear that I loved, and even though I didn't listen then, her message stuck.  One of the many reasons that I gravitate to shopping vintage is the true fit. Quite different from today where one store a size 4 fits and the next a 00.  Really, 00 is not a size!  And while I don't shop with a measuring tape in my purse, I have a pretty well trained eye for what will work for my body.  The Valentino, MissV jacket that I found recently at a local vintage fair is a perfect example.  While I was initially attracted to the bubble-gum tartan (a first for me) it was only after I slipped it on and it fit like a glove that I was sold.    Gram would be very impressed with this one.  Classic, lady-like and a perfect fit!

Miss V by Valentino (vintage, Wild Thing Vintage, Toronto, ON). Levis (second-hand, 96 Tears Vintage, Toronto, ON). Saks Fifth Ave top (vintage, Lost & Found Vintage, Royal Oak, MI). Shoes (Nine West). Suede clutch (The Gap). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban).

Photos Renza

May 10, 2015

dreamy leather trousers

A few months ago I put up a post of my 'must haves' for spring and I am happy to report that I have found what I expected to be my biggest challenge...wide-leg leather trousers! 
I was in Windsor last month and stopped in my favourite local shop, Jones & Co. Vintage.  I had tried on a beautiful  leather jacket that ended up being a bit small, when Louise, the owner mentioned that the jacket came with matching pants.  I was curious.  Actually, I was salivating! The aged whisky coloured leather jacket was divine, but matching pants? Yes, please. 
The pants were in fantastic condition and after slipping them on, I discovered that they were quite possibly made for me.  A perfect fit. Even the length was just right making them perfect to wear with sneakers or a heeled bootie, as worn in this post.  Thank you Louise, you know me too well. xo

Perkins' - Made in France leather trousers (vintage, Jones & Co Vintage, Windsor, ON ). T-shirt (F21). Basket handbag (second-hand, Regenerations, Pleasant Ridge, MI). Booties, (Zara). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban).

Photos Renza

May 02, 2015

double duty coats

When your coat doubles as a dress, I say it's a win, win!  

I picked up this jacket at a local consignment store because I loved the boxy, sightly over-sized fit.  I had the sleeves shortened to just above the wrist to help with the proportion of the jacket on my frame.  I wanted the size to look intentional, not like I borrowed my husband's coat! I had the piece of beaver fur lying around and had my seamstress cut it to shape and attach a hook and eye closure to the front.  I'm now able to add it to any jacket or top in my closet.  

Leather coat (vintage, Common Sort, Toronto, ON). Fur collar (custom, Shoppe & Tailor, Toronto, ON). Clutch (Zara). Booties (Zara). Sunglasses (Ray-Ban).

Photos by Renza

April 27, 2015

FAT fashion art toronto - accessories

Over-sized earrings and fur clutches at Lazar Couture

Last week I had the pleasure of attending FAT - Fashion Art Toronto, for the first time.  Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, FAT Arts & Fashion week is a platform for inventive and contemporary expression and this year certainly did not disappoint.  Have a look at some of my favourite accessories of the week.

Patchwork fur stole at JPorte

Headscarves at Kaela Kay

Wearable art at Jon Riosa

Nails at Evan Biddell

Turbans at Jon Riosa

Leather gloves stole at Ruzica

Masks at Little M Inventions

Head wear at VKeita

Goggles at Vanika

All photos: Jonathan Hooper

April 19, 2015

finding the ideal fringe jacket

So, my western fringe jacket count this season is up to four.  It seems ridiculous but...yeah its a bit ridiculous!  In all fairness to me, one I gave to a friend, one a is pale pink suede number that I plan to to dye black (any tips would be welcomed :), one is chestnut brown suede and over-sized and the one above, is a beautiful tan leather. 
I found the leather version buried in the back of one of my favourite spots in Kensington Market.  It was tiny, a hard find most often and free from any major damage.  I really liked it for its versatility.  Being leather it can transition to night and add some flare to my typical uniform, all black.

Leather fringe jacket (vintage, Flashback Vintage, Toronto, ON). Hat (vintage, Mama Loves You, Toronto, ON). Top (F21). Jeans (second-hand, 96 Tears, Toronto, ON). Bandanna, worn around neck (dollar store). Booties (Zara).

Photos Renza